Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Histories

This site is meant to share resources for educators interested in learning and teaching about the history of Settler Colonialism and its relation to The Carceral State today.  

Essential Questions include:

  1. How does land dispossession relate to Incarceration rates today?

Settler Colonialism/Indigenous Histories

Materials to build background

  1. BookFrom a Native Daughter  by Kay Haunani Trask is a great resource for background building on a Native Hawaiian point of view about Settler Colonialism in Hawaii.  

    Needs modification to be Highschool leveled

  2. BookRed Pedagogy  by Sandy Grande is a great book for an educator to gain background information on various Native Issues.  Needs modification to be Highschool leveled
  3. Book-Indigenous Peoples’ History of The United States  by Roxanne Dunbar- OrtizThis is another great resource for learning the indigenous History of the United States.  It needs to be made appropriate for different students age groups but is a starting resource to do so for the educator.





Here is a link to a PPT on Settler Colonialism:

Incarceration of Indigenous peoples


These will need to be deconstructed or developed to be age appropriate for group of youth working with.  









Syllabus for Native Lives Matter

  1. .

Case Study-#NoDAPL

  1. .

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